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Agricultural Companies

Source of retainer/or consultancy fee A group of companies, for example, a wine cellar or  a group of wine cellars that contribute to a retainer
  • Recruitment and selection of key staff
  • Assessments
  • Development of policies and procedures
  • All labour law aspects
  • Business coaching
  • Project management
  • Compiling of skills development plans
  • Training and development initiatives

Recruitment and Selection of Key Staff

We offer a highly effective and efficient recruitment and selection service. No need to pay recruitment agent’s commission or spend your time on response handling. We will do the following for you:


  • Design the advertisement
  • Liaising with the media for the placement of the advertisement
  • Manage the responses which will include:
  • Letters of acknowledgement
  • Regret letters
  • Shortlist candidates according to minimum requirements
  • Compile database for employment
  • Ability and personality assessments of shortlisted candidates
  • Compile a competency based interview guide

Total cost for abovementioned services/per position

Administrative Positions: R5000
Technical/Specialist Positions: R6500
Management Positions: R8000

The only additional cost to the client is cost of the placement of the advertisement in the specific media.


As a registered private practice we use standardised assessments for identifying potential, selection and development purposes.

The following types of assessments are used: (per person)

  • Preferred style of behaviour (Personality) R1200
  • Conceptual potential R850
  • Learning potential R660
  • Technical Ability R880
  • Emotional Intelligence R1200
  • Verbal and Numerical Reasoning R500
  • Administrative ability R500
  • Behavioural assessments R800

Cost includes reports and verbal feedback to management.

Development of Policies and Procedures

We are experienced in the development of all human resources policies and procedures. The cost per procedure/policy is R2500.

Labour Law

We assist in drafting employment contracts and provide advisory support during disciplinary hearings; this would also include chairing the meetings and delivering services with regards to other labour law issues. Legal assistance and representation can also be provided with regards to CCMA representations.

Providing advice with regards to all labour law matters will be at a fee of R850 per hour.

Business Coaching

We provide group or individual business coaching aimed at positive support, feedback and exchange of relevant information in order to enable companies to improve the effectiveness and sustainability of their businesses. Business coaching services will be at a fee of R650 per hour.

Project Management

We compile comprehensive project management plans which entails the work breakdown structure and milestones. We also specialise in the co-ordinating and management of projects. Project management fees will be determined according to the complexity of the project.

Compiling and Skills Development Plans

Interacting with the appropriate Setas to ensure that maximum levies are paid back through the compiling of accurate skills development plans.

Training and Development Initiatives

All our workshops are designed in such a manner that the fundamental principles of behavioural change are not only embedded but also practised through experiential learning exercises.

We also design customised workshops for a client that aligns with the strategic objectives and competencies of their specific organisation to sustain growth and profit.


Emotional Intelligence 4 Days R7260
Problem solving and Thinking Skills 2 Days R7260
Coaching as a Leadership competency 2 Days R7260
Conflict Handling 2 Days R6050
Effective Interpersonal Skills 2 Days R7260
Debt Collection 2 Days R6050
Junior Management Development 3 Days R7260
Legendary Client service 1 Day R6050
Telephone Etiquette 1 Day R6050
Business Process Improvement and Mapping 2 Days R7870
Diversity Management 2 Days R7870
Personal Mastery 2 Days R6050