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Commercial Farmers

Source of retainer
Commercial Farmers
  • Recruitment and selection of key staff
  • Training interventions for farm workers
  • Compiling skills development plans
  • Exploring and opening up national and international markets for products
  • All labour law aspects
  • Develop and implement effective business structures and processes
  • Financial planning

Recruitment and Selection of Key Staff

We assist farmers to fine-tune an employment advertisement, screen responses, provide a shortlist of candidates, assess final candidates and provide a comprehensive report that gives feedback and outlines areas of development.

Training Interventions for Farm Workers

Our training interventions include workshops that facilitate and develop a wide range of skills necessary for success in the workplace and on a personal level. The following life skills interventions are provided:

  • Personal growth and setting objectives
  • Taking responsibility and ownership
  • Personal budgeting
  • Basic business skills and supply chain management
  • Communication skills
  • Handling conflict
  • Stress management
  • Living with HIV//AIDS

Compiling Skills Development Plans

Interacting with the appropriate Setas to ensure that maximum levies are paid back through the compiling of accurate skills development plans.

Exploring and Opening up National and International Markets

We assist farmers to explore and identify market accessibility and to assess the feasibility of new markets at a national and international level.

Labour Law Aspects

We assist in drafting employment contracts and provide advisory support during disciplinary hearings; this would also include chairing the meetings and delivering services with regards to other labour law issues. Legal assistance and representation can also be provided with regards to CCMA representations.

Business Structure and Processes

We advise on the differences and benefits of partnerships, trusts, close corporations and companies for operational, tax, succession or estate duty purposes.

Financial Planning

We train basic skills of financial accountancy to enable parties to prepare reconciliation and monthly management accounts. Business plans to access finances from offshore funds, banks or government agencies are provided.