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Subsistence Farmers

Source of retainer Regional, Government and Non-Government Stakeholders and Institutions
  • Business coaching
  • Training interventions
  • Business awareness and acumen
  • Business ethics
  • Identification of potential subsistence farmers
  • Training and mentoring in the functions and management of trusts, close corporations and companies.
  • Project management

Business Coaching

We provide group or individual business coaching aimed at positive support, feedback and exchange of relevant information in order to enable farmers to improve the effectiveness and sustainability of their businesses.

Training Interventions

Our training interventions include workshops that facilitate and develop a wide range of skills necessary for success in the workplace and on a personal level. The following training interventions are provided:

  • Setting business objectives
  • Taking responsibility and ownership of the business
  • Financial planning and budgeting
  • Basic to advanced business skills and supply chain management
  • Communication skills
  • Stress management
  • Relationship management

Business Awareness and Acumen

This programme gives participants a practical understanding of how a business works and the wider environment in which it operates, for example, socio-economic, economic, technological and political environment.

Business Ethics

This programme looks at how people and organisations should interact in the world of business. What are appropriate constraints on the pursuit of self-interest or profit when these actions affect others?

Identification of Potential Subsistence Farmers

We assess for potential as well as the required abilities, motivation and drive to ensure that the right farmers are identified.

Training and Mentoring

We aim to facilitate an excellent understanding of the working, operational need and skills to manage and operate a trust, close corporation or company.

Project Management

We compile comprehensive project management plans which entails the work breakdown structure and milestones. We also specialise in the co-ordinating and management of development projects.

Fee Structure

Services will be based on a monthly retainer basis or cost-effective consultancy fee is preferred. To ensure a fair and cost effective fee structure the retainer for commercial farmers will reflect a particular farm’s needs, number of farm workers and complexity of matters.

A retainer will also apply for relevant agriculture development institutions that provide services to subsistence farmers. The retainer will reflect the complexity of the work required while being substantially more cost effective than a daily consultation fee. A retainer for companies that work in the agricultural industry, for example, wine cellars, packaging companies can also be negotiated and smaller companies in the same area can share a retainer.

The retainer would exclude the following:

  • Cost of training and assessment material.
  • VAT, travelling cost at R2.50 per km and accommodation costs where applicable.