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Our First Workshop in Ghana!

Today TSM Consulting presented their first workshop in Ghana to the Local Government Service Secretariat in Accra, it was a workshop on Business Writing and Etiquette Skills. The participants enjoyed it tremendously.  Business etiquette can influence your ability to succeed in your career.  It organises and shapes your behaviour into a predictable and professional manner.  When your behaviour mat...
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Working life in Ghana!

TSM Consulting is expanding and one of the avenues is venturing into Ghana.  What an amazing experience! Not knowing what to expect, was a bit daunting, but the friendliness of the people in Ghana made it easier. The humid weather was something to adapt to, but luckily air conditioned offices welcomed us. We are very excited about the possibilities that Ghana has to offer. Anglo Gold Ashanti is ...
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August the month for women at Handmade Roses

TSM Consulting had the privilege of presenting a Personal Mastery Workshop on the 20th of August 2012 at the premises of Roses Handmade in Paarl. This workshop was attended by 55 wonderful ladies. The day was filled with fun, laughter, learning and a lucky draw that put the cherry on the end of the day. The purpose of the workshop was to explore how Personal Mastery can enable us to live li...
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Can you have fun on a Saturday if you are sitting in a classroom?

Well, the answer is a very definite YES! During May and June, 10 employees from MPact participated in a Junior Management Development Programme that was presented by TSM Consulting.  The programme was implemented over a period of nine weeks and because of the workload of the employees they had to do it on Saturdays.  This group was really extraordinary, no doom and gloom from their side because it...
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LOL or rather not?

Who in today’s society is not busy texting, tweeting or blogging? Everything is happening at a fast pace, we tend to do our tasks as quick as possible, and we don’t bother much about grammar. Maybe it has taken its toll on our writing ability?!!!. Not maybe, it has completely destroyed our ability to write in a professional manner. Homophone’s has become an everyday occurrence, gr8 (great), 2mo...
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What now and what about my family? Retrenchment became a “household” name in the homes of many South African families, due to the downturn of the economy as well as the effects of the Global recession. Retrenchment causes financial and emotional distress. It is important that you, during this difficult time, take care of yourself to enable you to be strong for your family. It is important t...
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