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Ghana – Numeracy and Literacy Assessment


This instrument assesses both literacy and numeracy to assign a respondent to an ABET level ranging between ABET level 1 (First and Second year od school), ABET level 2 (Third and Forth year of school), ABET level 3 (Fitht, Six and Seventh year of school) and ABET level 4 (Eight and Ninth year of school) on each of these two competencies. It has a sorter test that first determines the person’s likely level of numeracy and literacy (for example, SHS).  In this instance it then assigns assessment material aimed at SHS proficiency level. The results give an indication of how the respondent’s level of numeracy or literacy compares with that of other candidates who have completed SHS

Price per person

i-Lamp per NQF Level and report

$ 64

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