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SHL’s Technical Test Battery is a series of aptitude tests particularly suitable for the selection and development of individuals in technically- or practically oriented jobs or learnerships.


This test is used to measure the understanding of basic mechanical principles and their applications to a number of devices, including pulleys, gears and levers. This core skill is seen as highly relevant in many technical jobs.


This instrument assesses the ability to follow sequences in logical systems and identify faults within them. No specialised knowledge is required.


Various shapes in the test are used to measure the ability to recognise and match shapes in two dimensions. This ability is relevant to, for example, apprentices, fitters, mechanics and construction workers.


This practical test measures eye-hand co-ordination. Norms are available for various groups like production operators/assemblers, applicant production operators/assemblers, and multi-skilled assembly operators.

Price per person

Technical Battery consisting of any four technical tests (includes reports) and FINDEX

$ 147

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