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OD Interventions

1. Change Management

For any organisation to remain competitive, workplace processes, systems and strategies need to continuously change and evolve. Dealing with change is therefore a high priority for any organisation. TSM Consulting can assist you in managing the change process that is needed to be able to meet your business goals with the minimum negative impact. We ensure a smooth transition by ensuring that your employees are guided through the change journey.

2. Performance Management

It is any organisation’s responsibility to ensure that employees perform according to their full potential. Developing and managing employee performance is an integral process within today’s progressive organisations. TSM Consulting can assist you to install a culture of goal setting and performance and therefore enhance the overall quality of the workforce within the organisation.

3. Project Management

TSM Consulting will assist you in applying the best practices, processes, methods, knowledge, skills and experiences to achieve your project objectives. We successfully deliver projects on time, within budget while maintaining the required quality standards.

4. Employee Engagement

It has been proven that employee engagement strategies reduce staff turnover and improve productivity and efficiency within organisations. TSM Consulting can assist you in measuring employee engagement and find out how engaged your employees are, and make the necessary changes to create a motivating work climate.

5. Organisational Design

Organisational design enhances business performance by aligning an organisation’s business structure and people to its strategy.TSM Consulting can assist you in implementing effective organisational design in order to improve long term success.

6. Leadership Development

Leadership Development programmes are critical to the long-term success of organisations. TSM Consulting provides leadership coaching which entail one-on-one development sessions that focus on behavioural change which will improve the overall performance and effectiveness of employees as well as training interventions to improve the skills, abilities and confidence of your leaders.

7. Team Effectiveness

An organisation consists of several different teams which are responsible for the overall success of the organisation.  Each member of the team brings a talent and skill to the table that contributes to the overall success of the group.TSM Consulting assists teams in managing their daily challenges, unlocking their true potential and enabling them to achieve optimal performance.

8. Talent Management

Talent Management is a top priority within organisations.  An organisation can build a high performance workplace by managing its talent strategically. TSM Consulting can assist you in developing your talent management strategy to successfully identify and attract new employees, develop and retain the employees who are valuable to your organisation and guide you to meet the organisation’s vision through your human capital.

9. Competency Modelling

Competency modelling is extremely valuable to define skill and knowledge requirements of specific jobs, assess competencies and performances and help set business strategy. TSM Consulting can assist you in creating effective models that will enable your organisation to link expertise with HR processes, evaluation and productivity goals.

10. Business Process Improvement

Business Process Improvement is a method that organisations use to identify opportunities to streamline work and reduce waste. TSM Consulting can assist you to align your business functions with your customer needs and discover ways to deploy, monitor and measure your resources. This will enhance efficiency and productivity and optimise results within the organisation.