Primary School Teacher (Saudi-Arabia)


Gr 1,2,3

Are you a dynamic, single and qualified female teacher, looking for an exciting career move with international exposure?

Then this is your opportunity!!! 

Our client in the Education sector in KSA, is looking for teachers to plan, organize and implement an appropriate instructional program in a learning environment that guides and encourages students to develop and fulfill their academic potential.   


  • Planning, Developing and Organizing Instruction
  • Teaching and Class-room Management
  • Managing student conduct
  • Assessing student learning
  • Housekeeping and record keeping
  • Pastoral Tasks
  • Meeting professional obligations 


  • Planning, preparing and delivering lessons to all students in the class.
  • Teaching according to the educational needs, abilities and achievement of the individual students and groups of students and  implements appropriate work schedules for the class of students, based on individual abilities or learning readiness.
  • Adopting and working towards the implementation of the school development plan.
  • Assigning work, correcting and marking work carried out by students.
  • Assessing, recording and reporting on the development, progress, attainment and behavior of students.
  • Providing or contributing to oral and written assessments, reports and references relating to individual students or groups of students.
  • Promoting the health, safety, general progress and well-being of individual students, groups of students.
  • Communicating, consulting and co-operating with other members of the school staff and parents/guardians to ensure the best interest of students.
  • Reviewing and evaluating one’s own teaching and learning strategies, methodologies and program/s in line with the Curriculum.
  • Advising and co-operating with the Head of School, Heads of Department and other teachers in the preparation and development of courses of study, teaching materials, teaching program, methods of teaching and assessment and pastoral arrangements.
  • Provides to the Academic Coordinator, validating information that helps determine whether curriculum and instructional goals and student performance outcomes are being met.
  • Ensuring high standards of professional practice and quality of teaching and learning of the subject/s.
  • Through effective dialogue, participating in reciprocal peer review and observation of class teaching practice by the Head of Department (subject/level) concerned.
  • Maintaining good order and discipline among students under one’s care and safeguarding their health and safety at all times.
  • Participating in staff, group or other meetings related to the school curriculum or pastoral care arrangements, for the better organization and administration of the school.
  • Registering and monitoring the attendance of students under one’s care.
  • Sharing in any possible and reasonable way in the effective management, organization, order and discipline of the school.
  • Nurtures a culture where teachers view themselves essentially as facilitators of learning and reflective practitioners.
  • Assesses and completes records and reports on the progress of each child in an accurate and timely fashion.
  • Ensuring that schemes and forecast of work carried out in class are handed to the Academic Coordinator in good time so that the necessary adaptations and resources are made for use with students.
  • Regularly discussing, monitoring the work being carried out by the Assistant Teacher/Child Care in class.
  • Liaising and collaborating with specialist teachers/social worker/resource persons and other professionals working with statemented students.
  • Making use of audiovisual technological devices/aides (such as interactive smart board, projectors) and other adaptations  during the delivery of the lessons.
  • Teachers shall be expected to teach students of different levels of achievement.
  • Contributes ideas for the further development of the school, its policies and decisions.
  • Liaises with the Coordinator, and Principal, on the ordering of resources needed to make teaching and learning the best it can be.
  • Teaches the assigned number of periods per week as mandated by the curriculum plan and other approaches.


Knowledge of:  Strong grasp of the teaching subject, knowledge of child behavior and performance, subject matter knowledge, pedagogical subject knowledge, curricular knowledge, knowledge of educational sciences foundations (intercultural / historical / philosophical / psychological / sociological knowledge), contextual, institutional, knowledge of new teaching methodologies, learning theories, evaluation and assessment processes and methods.  

Language skills:  Excellent command of written and spoken English or relevant language teaching. Computer skills: Computer and computer equipment, video camera, iPad, smart boards and other learning materials, effective usage of Internet, Microsoft Office, Presentation Tools and software. 

Ability to:  Identify individual differences in ability, personality, and interests of students; learning and motivation; psychological research methods; and the assessment. Ability to establish and maintain cooperative and effective working relationships with others, communicate effectively orally and in writing, report to work on a regular and punctual basis. 

Education: Master/ Bachelor Degree in Education, Psychology or Sociology. 

Experience: Minimum of 3 years’ experience in teaching with preferably an International school. 

Personal Requirement: Possess integrity, good health and grooming, good moral character and right conduct, strong and pleasing personality. 

Professional requirement: Connect and interface with parents on their child’s learning, accept direction, supervision and constructive criticism from the coordinator and employer, possess a high degree of professionalism (appearance, dress, communication), establish effective relationships with parents and children, supervise and maintain classroom order and function. 

This exciting position offers free accommodation, meals and transport. All other benefits are as prescribed by KSA labour legislation.