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Training and Developing Workshops

All our workshops are designed in such a manner that the fundamental principles of behavioural change are not only embedded but also practised through experiential learning exercises. We also design customised workshops for a client that aligns with the strategic objectives and competencies of their specific organisation to sustain growth and profit.

We have developed and implemented the following workshops at various organisations:

Workshop Days Cost per day:
In-house training
Maximum of 12 people
Cost per person per day: Public course
Maximum of 6 people
Emotional Intelligence 4 days (not consecutive) R7 260 R1 460
Problem solving and thinking skills 2 days R7 260 R1 460
Coaching as a Leadership competency 2 days R7 260 R1 460
Conflict Handling 2 days R6 050 R1 210
Effective Interpersonal Skills 2 days R7 260 R1 460
Debt Collection 2 days R6 050 R1 210
Junior Management Development 3 days R7 260 R1 460
Legendary Client Service 1 day R6 050 R1 210
Telephone Etiquette 1 day R6 050 R1 210
Business Process Improvement and Mapping 2 days R7 870 R1 580
Diversity Management 2 days R7 870 R1 580
Personal Mastery 2 days R6 050 R1 210
The essence of Change Management 2 days R7 870 R1 580
Basic Supply Chain Management 3 days R8 470 R1 700
Finance for Non – Financial Managers/ Basic Business Finance 2 days R8 470 R1 700

Our workshops includes the cost of comprehensive and professional designed workshop manuals, it however excludes travel and accommodation cost where applicable. All our workshop manuals also include assessment tools for further use in the organisation.

All our training material are available for your perusal before the workshop, if minor changes are needed we are happy to do it at no cost. Development of customised workshops is free, if at least seven workshops of the specific topic are facilitated by TSM Consulting.

If a two-day workshop are developed for facilitation by internal resources only, the cost are R72 600 per workshop which includes the alignment with the specific unit standards and the assessment tools. Train-the trainer workshops are R7 260 per day for a maximum of 6 people.