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Organisational Development Interventions

We are experienced in assisting organisations with a complete Development Intervention

  • Change management – for any organisation to remain competitive, workplace processes, systems and strategies need to continuously change and evolve
  • Performance management – it’s an organisation’s responsibility to ensure that employees perform according to their full potential. Developing and managing employee performance is an integral process within today’s progressive organisations
  • Project management – we successfully deliver projects on time and within budget while maintaining the required quality standards
  • Employee engagement – research indicates that employee engagement strategies reduce staff turnover and improve productivity and efficiency within organisations
  • Organisational design – enhances business performance by aligning an organisation’s business structure and people to its strategy
  • Leadership development – these programs are critical to the long-term success of organisations
  • Team effectiveness – several different teams are responsible for the overall success of the organisation.  Synergy rather than silo-thinking is essential
  • Talent management – this is a top priority within organisations: build a high-performance workplace by managing talent strategically
  • Competency modelling – defining skill and knowledge requirements of specific jobs as well as assessing competencies and performance helps set business strategy
  • Business process improvement – use this method to identify opportunities to streamline work and reduce waste
  • Leader to leader development – this interactive series of sessions in which high-potential individuals come together to learn and practice new leadership skills to increase both their leadership effectiveness and business performance.

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