Our Company

Our Story

We are focused on delivering exceptional quality of work and extraordinary service.

We have build our company on very specific value propositions that can be summarised as Our Why, Our How and Our What.

Our Why

In April 2002 TSM Consulting was created out of a passion to add value through sound organisational development interventions as well as the implementation of best practice human resources processes and practices.

Our How

  • Integrity – Being honest and open in everything we do
  • Adding value through our organisational development interventions and effective and efficient human resource practices and processes
  • Delivering excellent service – we will always walk the extra mile
  • Building capacity – we don’t want to become a fixture in your company; we want to build capacity internally and therefore become a partner in your business

Our What

We deliver the following services:

  • Behavioural & psychometric assessments
  • Management of projects
  • Human resource services
  • Training & development workshops
  • Recruitment & selection service
  • Labour relations
  • Response handling
  • Organisational development interventions