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Place plays a massive role in how we think about managing business. The “where” of work has helped us understand, organize, and quickly answer “who’s”, “what’s”, and “when’s” by having everyone physically accessible. Be it a short hallway conversation, or a walk to another department, or the ability to read the room as part of a presentation.  The need for social distancing has cut off many of the information streams we rely on to guide the day to day of managing highly engaged teams. That is why, given how much Covid-19 has forced everyone’s way of work to change, we created the Free Organizational Wellbeing PulseRead More →

Just ask any seasoned HR pro. Employees who are high on the job engagement scale are devoted, attentive and focused in their work roles, traits that modern organisations crave in their workforce. However, just-published findings from a prominent Hong Kong business school has revealed that while employee engagement is essential to a company’s staff, it’s no automatic guarantee of success. It must be carefully managed to ensure that good – rather than bad – behaviour prevails in the workplace. The study conducted by the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Business School has revealed for while employee engagement results in increased job performance, it canRead More →

Discover your strengths and those of your team through the eyes of the energies.  How do you lead?  Is it with Cool Blue, Earth Green, Sunshine Yellow or Fiery Red After this workshop, you will: Understand the impact of your personal styleUnderstand your strengths and what value you bring to the team you work in Understand better your own behaviour as well as your colleague’s behaviour Be able to build effective relationships with your colleagues Be able to achieve success through the development of strong partnerships Be able to communicate more effectively and minimize conflict. Cost:   R 2, 050 (includes your Insights Discovery Profile) RSVP: Read More →