Rates Jan 2020 to Dec 2020

Notes to the fee structure

Assessment Services

SA Rand
Behavioural Assessments
Test Administration Fee Per Hour R650.00
General Administration Fee Per Hour R250.00
Fact – Find Per Person R1650.00
Role – Play Per Person R1650.00
In-Basket Per Person R1650.00
Analytical Exercise Per Person R1815.00
Observer (Roleplay & Fact Find) Per Person R600.00
Observer (Analytical Exercise) Per Person R600.00
Integrated Report (two or more exercises) Per Report R1830.00
Feedback Per Hour R1100.00
Personality Questionnaires
Sales Report Per Report R2006.00
Team Types & Leadership Reports Per Report R1294.00
Management Report Per Report R1294.00
Leadership Report Per Report R3000.00
Emotional & Social Competency Report Per Report R2006.00
Universal Competency Report Per Report R2033.00
Customer Contact Styles Questionnaire (CCSQ) Managers’ Report R1294.00
Psytech 15 FQ Extended Report R1670.00
Hogan Development Survey HDS Insight Report R1500.00
Hogan Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory MVPI Insight Report R1500.00
Hogan Personality Inventory HPI Insight Report R1500.00
The Leadership Circle Per Person R2500.00
Insights Discovery Questionnaire for Teambuilding Per Report R1500.00
Standard Giotto Report Per Report R611.00
Giotto Report with Interpreted Executive Summary Per Report R1150.00
Ability Tests
Critical Reasoning Test Battery (Verbal, Numerical & Inductive) Ability Report   R858.00  
Administrative Test Battery (Verbal, Numerical & Clerical Checking) Ability Report   R858.00  
Skills Test Per Report R450.00
Aptitude Test Per Report R550.00
Interest Questionnaires
Scenarios Situational Judgement Report R1100.00
Conceptual and Learning Potential
Administration Fee if applicable Per Hour R650.00
TRAM & APIL B Per Report R1043.00
IRIS Interview Only R2200.00
IRIS Verbal Feedback & Generic Written Report R2550.00
Career Path Appreciation (CPA) Generic Report R4900.00
Career Path Appreciation (CPA) Standard Report R5610.00
MCPA (CPA Online) Generic Report R4140.00
MCPA (CPA Online) Standard Report R475.00
Cognitive Process Profile (CPP) Administration and Report R3850.00
I-Lamp  per NQF Level Per Report R572.00
Training & Development Workshops    
In-house Training Courses (Max 15 people) Per Day R7200.00
Public Courses   Per person depending on the workshop content R1050.00 – R2000.00  
Additional Services                                           
Labour Relations Support Per Hour R990.00
Recruitment & Selection Annual cost to company 12%
Response Handling Per CV R120.00
Project Management Fee as agreed with client POA
Organisational Development Interventions Fee as agreed with client POA
Criminal Checks Per Check R295.00
Reference Check Per Reference R150.00
Mystery Calling Per Branch R522.00
Mystery Shopping Per Branch R632.50
Description Comment
International travel and subsistence costs

Prices do not include the cost of air travel and airport taxes, flight arrangements, visa costs, car hire, travel insurance, parking and travel costs to the airport in South Africa per Consultant / Trainer. Accommodation and subsistence costs per Consultant / Trainer will be for the account of the client, as would courier cost for training /assessment material should this be required.
Local flights, car rental and accommodation

Prices do not include travel (including flight arrangements and car hire where relevant); accommodation and subsistence costs (where applicable) are not included.
Travel cost
Travel cost is charged at R2,10 per kilometre

When a consultant is requested to stay over the subsistence’s cost is R150.00 per day, excluding an additional R50.00 if breakfast is not included. In-house training – refreshments and lunches to be provided by the client where training is conducted in-house.
Material costs
Material cost will be quoted according to the intervention
Cancellation policy

Cancellation – 48 hours or later before the committed time will be charged at the full cost of all assessments or any other work that was agreed upon.