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Assessment Tools

Our Assessment Service:

  • We are a one-stop assessment service offering
  • We provide professional recommendations with regards to assessments to ensure that our clients use the most appropriate tools to suit their specific needs
  • We only use standardised assessment tools
  • We are licensed to use various test provides assessments for example CEB, The Talent Group, Psytech, Aprolab, JvR and BIOSS SA
  • We advise on and implement assessment centres for talent management, recruitment and development purposes
  • We write and validate different types of behavioural/simulation exercise, for example, role-plays, in-basket, fact-find and analytical exercises
  • We add value in a cost effective manner

1. Behavioural Exercise’s:

Fact-Finding R1500.00
Role-play R1500.00
In-basket R2200.00
Analytical exercise R2200.00
Observer Fee R450.00 per hour
Feedback R960.00 per hour

2. Personality Questionnaires

SHL:  Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ32r)

Setup of Online- Administration of Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ32i) R672.00
OPQ Sales Report R1824.00
OPQ Team Types and Leadership Styles Report R1176.00
OPQ Candidate Report R912.00
OPQ User Report R1176.00
OPQ Managers Report R1176.00
OPQ Leadership Report R5460.00
OPQ Universal Competency Report R1176.00
OPQ Emotional and Social Competence Report R1824.00

3. Personality: Administrative and Service Related Positions

Administration of the Customer Contact Styles Questionnaire (CCSQ) R444.00
Import and Profile CCSQ Executive Overview Report R732.00
CCSQ Personal Report R672.00

4. Ability: Supervisory Level and more senior

Administration of Critical Reasoning Battery including ability report for: Verbal Evaluation, Interpreting Data and Inductive Reasoning R780.00

 5. Ability: Administrative and Service related positions

Administration of the following assessment and compiling ability report: Verbal Evaluation, Verbal Usage, Numerical Estimation, Clerical Checking R960.00

 6. Interest Questionnaire

Administration and Career Guidance Report R1000.00
Situational Judgement R1000.00
Individual Feedback R960.00 per hour

7. Potential (Conceptual and Learning Potential)

TRAM-2 and APIL-B:  1-10 people (Administration fee applicable) R550 per hour & R948.00 per report
TRAM-2 and APIL-B  (11 people or more no Admin fee) R1056.00
IRIS Interview only R1720.00
IRIS + Generic Written Report R2050.00
Career Path Appreciation (CPA) with Generic Report R4515.00
Career Path Appreciation (CPA) with Customied Written Report R4950.00
MCPA (Online CPA) with Non-Customised Report R3830.00
MCPA (Online CPA) with Customied Written Report R4220.00
Cognitive Process Profile (CPP) Administration & Report R3500.00

8. Literacy and Numeracy Assessment

I-Lamp per NQF level R520.00

9. Feedback

Integrated Report up to 3 excercise R1000.00
Integrated Report 4 or more excercises R1350.00
Assessment Centre Material cost R490.00
Travel cost R3.50 Pkm