Place plays a massive role in how we think about managing business. The “where” of work has helped us understand, organize, and quickly answer “who’s”, “what’s”, and “when’s” by having everyone physically accessible. Be it a short hallway conversation, or a walk to another department, or the ability to read the room as part of a presentation.  The need for social distancing has cut off many of the information streams we rely on to guide the day to day of managing highly engaged teams. That is why, given how much Covid-19 has forced everyone’s way of work to change, we created the Free Organizational Wellbeing PulseRead More →

Just ask any seasoned HR pro. Employees who are high on the job engagement scale are devoted, attentive and focused in their work roles, traits that modern organisations crave in their workforce. However, just-published findings from a prominent Hong Kong business school has revealed that while employee engagement is essential to a company’s staff, it’s no automatic guarantee of success. It must be carefully managed to ensure that good – rather than bad – behaviour prevails in the workplace. The study conducted by the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Business School has revealed for while employee engagement results in increased job performance, it canRead More →

TSM Consulting was privileged to train the new Petrol Attendants of Kaap-Agri on Customer Service Principles in Port Elizabeth. Kaap-Agri is the proud owner of three new petrol stations situated in Stanford, Motherwell and Fig Tree. The three training sessions were a huge success and the Petrol Attendants enjoyed the full-day sessions.They each received a learner guide and participated in groups to complete activities. At the end of the day they wrote an exam to qualify for the NQF 2 certificate in Customer Services for Petrol Attendants. Why is the training important? The Petrol Attendants learned about the Five Principles of Customer Services and theRead More →

To show a consistent profitability and performance in a turbulent industry is not easy. Every company needs to have the ability to build and sustain high performance/sustainable relationships between managers, employees, suppliers and clients. Creating this sustainability depends on a set of practices to build and sustain strong relationships among those who are critical to the organisation’s success. The workshop aims to facilitate and review the following points: • Understand the importance and value of legendary client service • Understand the origins of the client value profit chain and the life-time value of clients • Know how to receive a diverse group of clients professionallyRead More →

The objective of the interview is to convince the interviewer that you are the most qualified potential team member. Make a good first impression. Remember, your first impression may be the ONLY impression you make. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Do your homework prior to the interview. Reading a company’s annual report, brochures, newsletters, and other material, can make you an informed candidate. Use a firm handshake and smile when you meet people, address them by name, and maintain eye contact during any conversation and the interview. Smile – you are trying to impress the employer! An Interviewer willRead More →

Kaap Agri has been a valued client of TSM Consulting for many years. We are responsible for the client service training for all employees of Kaap Agri. Recently, the training has been extended and a tailor-made, client service training programme has been developed for Kaap Agri’s Forecourt Attendants. The feedback regarding these training sessions has been very positive with Forecourt Attendants stating that they regard the programme as very insightful and valuable. Quite a few training sessions have been presented over the past few months, including branches in Namibia.  The most recent training sessions were held in Patensie and Kraaifontein. A further benefit of thisRead More →