August the month for women at Handmade Roses

TSM Consulting had the privilege of presenting a Personal Mastery Workshop on the 20th of August 2012 at the premises of Roses Handmade in Paarl. This workshop was attended by 55 wonderful ladies. The day was filled with fun, laughter, learning and a lucky draw that put the cherry on the end of the day.

The purpose of the workshop was to explore how Personal Mastery can enable us to live life with a greater degree of commitment and passion. To live a life that are fulfilled and where women cherish and appreciate themselves more.

We looked at how one’s self-image has an impact on one’s behaviour. How we can enable ourselves more with regards to making the right choices, gaining greater self-knowledge and self-awareness.

When we know ourselves better, one becomes more sensitive to differences between people. We can appreciate the differences rather than allowing conflict to deprive one of potential friendships and growing existing relationships.

The group appreciated and enjoy Mother Theresa’s poem, this poem was her life philosophy. It reads as follow:

Life is an opportunity, avail it;
Life is a beauty, Admire it;
Life is bliss, taste it;
Life is a dream, realizing it;
Life is a challenge, measure it;
Life is a duty, complete it;
Life is a game, play it;
Life is costly, care for it;
Life is wealth, keep it;
Life is love, enjoy it;
Life is a mystery, know it;
Life is a promise, fulfil it;
Life is sorrow, Overcome it;
Life is a song, sing it;
Life is a struggle, accept it;
Life is a tragedy, brace it;
Life is an adventure, dare it;
Life is luck, make it;
Life is life, Defend it.

For TSM this was a wonderful day we had a great experience. Let us go out there and make a difference – It is OUR CHOICE!