Does choosing a career leave you confused and scared?

TSM Consulting can assist with Career Counselling

TSM Consulting has the experience and appropriate counselling assessments to help your child in choosing and deciding on their career.
To enter the business world today can be very daunting to a newcomer especially fresh from school! TSM Consulting recognized the need to provide young people with the necessary insight into the possible careers they could follow.
There are two options to choose from that will make the learner more aware of different career choices.

Option A:
Assessment and Comprehensive Report (Career Pathfinder) with Feedback

This option entails the completion of a Career Pathfinder questionnaire from which a detailed report is generated. This will assist the learner in choosing the most suitable studies for their preferences.
It provides valid information with regard to activities that the learner can participate in and discusses competencies and possible careers associated with these preferences.
The learner can choose to receive one-to-one professional feedback on the report.

Option B :
Career Counselling Workshop for Groups

TSM Consulting would like to introduce you to IDOLS … An exciting and interactive Career Counselling Workshop for school learners in Gr. 10 –12.

This 50-minute workshop, My Ideal Occupational Life, is based on the famous IDOLS concept.
In a turbulent modern work environment, employment opportunities are scarce and learners should start accumulating skills and experience from an early age through vacation work or job shadowing.

Objectives of the Career Counselling Workshop:

  • Assist learners in developing a career plan for themselves
  • Make learners aware of their talents, skills and interest through practical self-exploration exercises
  • Encourage learners to explore different career possibilities
  • Enable learners to utilise contacts they might have in the labour market
  • Illustrate the concept and importance of job shadowing
  • Motivate learners to take responsibility for their own future

We also provide a combination of Option A and Option B.

For more information about pricing, please visit our Career Counseling page.