LOL or rather not?

Who in today’s society is not busy texting, tweeting or blogging? Everything is happening at a fast pace, we tend to do our tasks as quick as possible, and we don’t bother much about grammar. Maybe it has taken its toll on our writing ability?!!!. Not maybe, it has completely destroyed our ability to write in a professional manner.

Homophone’s has become an everyday occurrence, gr8 (great), 2moro (tomorrow), ur (you are).  This phenomenon led to lazy, sloppy spelling.

E-mails with no punctuation, no capital letters and misspelled words, does not just give a negative impression it is horrifying at its best. To have a website or send e-mails with poor grammar is bad for your company’s image. Not taking time to produce good content shows that you and your department/company do not produce quality work. How can your work therefore be seen as trustworthy at all?
We need to take pride in our work; we need to ensure that the work that we produce in our working environment is off a high standard.
TSM Consulting can assist in bridging the gap between mediocre grammar skills and exceptional professional Business Writing Skills. Give yourself and your company an edge and attend our Professional Business Writing Skills Workshops.


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