Building Sustainable Client Relationships Workshop

To show a consistent profitability and performance in a turbulent industry is not easy. Every company needs to have the ability to build and sustain high performance/sustainable relationships between managers, employees, suppliers and clients. Creating this sustainability depends on a set of practices to build and sustain strong relationships among those who are critical to the organisation’s success.

The workshop aims to facilitate and review the following points:
• Understand the importance and value of legendary client service
• Understand the origins of the client value profit chain and the life-time value of clients
• Know how to receive a diverse group of clients professionally
• Understand how you can play a positive role in providing good internal client service and creating an atmosphere of sharing and supporting
• Manage complaints and difficult situations effectively and efficiently, both face-to-face and over the telephone
• Understand how and when to use emphatic communication skills
• Understand the essence of knowledge sharing

TSM Consulting presented workshops at Alexander Forbes during November and December at their Stellenbosch and Cape Town branches respectively. The feedback was very positive from those who attended the workshop.

IMG_20151116_183403 (1) Stellenbosch branchCape TownCape Town 2


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